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Got a Dream You’d Like to Build a Car Around?

street-rod.jpgJust imagine what it’s like to build a car around a dream that’s in your head! If you’re the kind of person that’s itching to customize a vehicle into a work of art, the WyoTech Collision RefinishingTechnology core program; with a concentration in Street Rod and Custom Fabrication – might be just the career training program you’ve been waiting for.

Check out what the WyoTech Collision Refinishing Technology – Street Rod and Custom Fabrication Program has to offer!

Hands-on training is important, because it allows you to get in the mix to perform custom fabrication and specialized sheet metal shaping and fabrication. You’ll also be exposed to M.I.G, and T.I.G and Oxy-Acetylene welding. In short, you’ll get the kind of training that places you at the very top of your game.

You get to learn painting techniques that will allow you to apply specialized finishes, and you’ll get schooled on how to lay the groundwork for applying special techniques. You can bet, this is a lot of work for student-but it’s a lot of fun thrown in.

There’s nothing in life like having a skill that can help earn you a living!

The WyoTech Collision Refinishing Technology – Street Rod and Custom Fabrication career training program is where the action is!

Why not contact us today to find out more about the career tech school training that can qualify you to seek entry-level employment in the field of Collision Refinishing – Street Rod Custom and Repair!

We’re WyoTech, and we can help you Turn PRO.

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