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Clay Egan-Rock Crawling Phenom

toyo-poster.jpgClay Egan had been involved in motocross for a number of years until the unfortunate accident of hitting a horse that crossed his path in Utah.

It didn’t stop Clay Egan! Seven Years after the accident, he came to embrace another sport-rock crawling. Racing for Clay is not as easy as it could be because of his injuries, and being competitive means he must use special controls and operate his vehicle with both hands.

For some time now, WyoTech instructors Scott Swafford of the Sacramento campus and Rick Junkermeier of the Laramie campus, along with a group of dedicated students from both campuses, have been working to give Clay Egan the edge he needs. The edge is a 550 horsepower engine!

“He asked if we would be in a partnership build which will involve his next buggy and then it just kind of grew from there,” Junkermeier, the Project Team Leader, said. “The campus in Sacramento started the chassis and then sent it here, and we’ve basically finished the buggy here.”

Clay Egan already has a rock-crawling buggy, and this new addition to his arsenal will allow him to compete competitively at speeds reaching up to 130 miles per hour. Struggling with paralysis ever since his accident is a challenge for Clay, but it never dampens his spirit-he’s an extreme sport fanatic.

Clay Egan is enthusiastic about promoting off-roading sports, as well as WyoTech and its commitment to excellence that gives its students the experience and knowledge to be involved in such projects.

Clay Egan also plans on spending quite a bit more time on WyoTech campuses across the country, talking to students and telling them his story.

Clay Egan is also a motivational speaker that inspires others to “Push the Limits” in their personal lives by seeing nothing as an obstacle.

If you’re thinking about your own life, and what it will take to get to the next level, why not contact WyoTech today and inquire about the various career tech school training opportunities available.

Who knows, we just might just be the tool that helps you gain access to your own unlimited possibilities! And that’s a good thing.

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