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Advanced Automotive Diagnostics

auto-diagnostics.jpgAdvanced training in life can pay off, no matter what your field of interest. If you’re into fixing cars, getting under the hood and playing in grease and grime on occasion, you might want to supplement your current knowledge and experience with professional training in Advanced Automotive Diagnostics.

Here’s the deal! Students who take the WyoTech Advanced Automotive Diagnostics specialty course can gain a great deal of experience by studying:

• Technical systems
• Body electrical systems
• Engine electronics
• Emissions devices
• Advanced Engine
• Performance Alternative
• Basic clean air course
• California BAR rules and regulations
• On-board diagnostics II systems

The WyoTech staff believes in a hands-on learning approach to the challenges of diagnosing and repairing vehicles. This is the type of environment most people only dream about learning in.

With the right application and dedication, you can learn and develop the technical skills needed to land an entry-level job in automotive diagnostics.

The course curriculum is challenging, and you’ll get find yourself emerged in test equipment, emissions diagnostics, procedures in modern diagnostics, and electronics technology.

But that’s not all! As a student, you’ll be required to complete a least one computer orientation workshop. In today’s world, it’s impossible to get the job done without having computer skills.

If you’re thinking about what it could take to change the direction of your life, why not contact WyoTech today to find out more about the career tech school training opportunities available for the field of Advanced Automotive Diagnostics.

Food for thought! All men and women by nature desire knowledge….. Aristotle

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