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Talk So Your Kids Will Listen—Listen So Your Kids Will Talk

Being able to reach you children is important in today’s world. There are a lot of things competing for their attention such as; social media, peer pressure, their own personal experiences, and the opinion of others.

Truth is, as parents, we really never stop having an influence on the decisions our children make in life. The one thing we can count on for sure is; that if we’re involved in their education, they are likely to benefit in a positive manner.

The attitude in which you approach your children is just as important as the words you use. While parents should be truthful and direct; there should also be a strong element of compassion that conveys you feel your child is a capable individual. Take the high ground, and realize that your knowledge and experience, as a parent, has to count for something.

Several things parents need to keep in mind:

Keep Your Opinions Guarded

Parents often try to discourage kids from exploring a particular career, often with good cause, and sometimes without it. Careers should be explored with a child’s strengths in mind; as well as any weaknesses.

One of the most important jobs of a parent is to help a child come to the understanding of who they really are, and what they’re capable of contributing in life. And, this means getting your son or daughter involved in the process.

Keep in mind that your children are going to be influenced by peers, as this is an influential way this generation communicates and shares information with each other. While it’s good to value the opinion of others, your children should be taught and motivated to make up their own minds. This ability will serve them well in life.


If you have connections your child can use, by all means call in the markers. Your connections are a great way for your child working with people in various positions. Your children can learn a lot from people working in the industries they show interest in.

Protect Your Kids

Make sure the sources your children are using are valid. If they’re getting information from the web, make sure it’s from a validated source. Unfortunately, too many children rely on the opinions of others. “If it’s on the web, it must be true” is not something that should be relied on. Do the research with your children, and prove a thing to be true or false.

Making career decisions is a tough challenge at any age in life, but if we can somehow find the sources and contacts that have been there, and done that; it makes the journey a little easier for each of us.

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