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Preparing Your Child for Higher Education–5 Tips

Preparing your child for higher education can be one of the best gifts you can give them. A good start is to consider investing in some type of savings vehicle that can help with school costs when the time comes. This means you should start their educational savings plan as early as possible.

1. You should encourage your son or daughter to challenge him or herself academically at every opportunity. They should be involved in school activities and extracurricular activities in the community if time permits. This is great preparation for furthering their eduction.

2. Openly discuss your child’s career options with him or her-and be quick to support their positive aspirations. Some students many not be interested in college options, however, there are other sources of post-secondary options available to students. The high school guidance counselor should be able to provide important information that will help your son or daughter gravitate in the right direction.

3. Make sure your son or daughter has a fairly good idea of the career direction they’d like to head in. If they don’t plan in middle school, it will make choosing a path more difficult when they reach high school. And, high school can be used to prepare for further education after graduation.

4. There’s no reason not to encourage your child to meet with a guidance counselor as soon as possible. Taking the right courses in high school can help lay the groundwork for the curriculum you choose in post secondary education.

5. Spend some quality time with your children to help them do the research needed. There are a ton of resources in print and on the internet that can help them narrow down the choices. Once they’ve narrowed down the choices, have them get as much information as possible about the school they’ve chosen.

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