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Motorcycle Sports—The Ultimate Rush of Adrenalin!

motorcycle-students.jpgTarmac-based and off-road are the two main classifications of motorcycle sports. In the world of today, “Superbike” and “Moto GP” are the hottest sports on the circuit. “Drag racing” is also a highly popular event. The finishing time and speed of the riders is the main attraction that get’s everyone’s heart pounding.

“Hill climbing” is another adventurous motorcycle sport, where a daring rider exhibits bravery and skill on his or her bike in scaling oftentimes dangerous rocky terrain in the shortest time possible. Contenders compete to try and outwit their opponent.

“Supermoto” utilizes a mixture of dirt track and road. Competitors exhibit skills by facing a number of hurdles while trying to set records on the course.

“Land Speed Racing” is another hair raising motorcycle sport. A rider navigates a track, usually about 3 miles long. Hitting the top speed and breaking previous records is the goal of every racer in this sport.

“Motocross” is off road bike racing at its best. Racing circuits are created to test each rider’s skills in sand, mud, grass, and elevated or lowered surfaces. If the sport is indoors, it’s called “Supercross”. “Supercross” offers numerous elevations and jumps that can challenge the very best of riders.


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