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Marine Technology Careers

marine-tech-2.jpgMarine Technicians are the men and women who work on small engines that power outdoor power equipment and motorboats. A typical day might be repairing and adjusting the mechanical and electrical equipment of inboard and outboard watercraft engines.

Smaller watercraft, usually have portable outboard engines that are removed and taken to a repair shop for maintenance. Larger watercraft, which includes commercial fishing boats, and cabin cruisers, require the engines to be removed for major overhauls.

It’s not uncommon for marine technicians to perform work on watercraft propellers, plumbing, mechanisms used for steering, and other watercraft equipment.

Marine technician training consists of learning routine service tasks under the watchful eye of experienced technicians or instructors. As hands-on experience is gained, marine technology students are able to progress to more difficult tasks that include advanced computerized diagnosis and engine overhauls.

The WyoTech Marine Technology Training Program will give you hands-on training in outboard mechanics, gasoline inboard engines, diesel engines, generator sets, electrical systems, fuel systems, upper housing, and more.

Check out some career opportunities for successful program graduates!

Graduates of our Marine Technology Program may seek careers as:

  • Franchise Dealership Technician
  • Marine Fleet Technician
  • Engine Builder
  • Aftermarket Parts Application/Development

If you’ve been thinking about putting your life in high gear by enrolling in a career Marine Technology Training Program, why not contact WyoTech today for more informatin on how you can begin the process!

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