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Electrician Schools in California—What You Should Know!

longbeachbuilding.jpgIf you’re thinking about becoming an electrician, there are a few important things you should consider before you even begin the search for an accredited electrician school.

First, get a firm grip on the duties and job responsibilities of an electrician. You’ll need to be able to read blueprints, test and repair electrical equipment, install and test wires and conduits.

The next logical step is to spend some quality time thinking of the area you’d like to specialize in. Schools may have a different focus of training, such as commercial and industrial electrical technology, or home or business security systems just to name a few.

The third element to consider is the importance of the electrical school’s location. You can always opt to stay close to home, or branch out and experience a new area of the country. When you find an electrician school of interest, you should make every attempt to arrange a visit.

Visiting the school will give you a good feel for the instructors, the students, the curriculum, and the overall insight of how you would feel attending the school. Ask a lot questions too. The folks in admissions are always glad to help.

At WyoTech, we think we have one of the finest career training electrician schools in California. Located in beautiful Long Beach California, WyoTech Electrical Technology Program training allows our students to concentrate exclusively on learning technical skills they need in a diploma program, or to expand their education through the associate degree program.


1. Electrical Technology-Associate of Occupational Studies Degree

This program allows you to plan, implement, and modify the electrical systems that supply power to transformers, motors, generators, switchgears, and other related equipment used to power-up businesses, homes, and industry.

2. Electrician—Diploma

In this program, you’ll get the knowledge and hands-on-experience necessary to install, service, and maintain all kinds of electrical systems. After successful completion of this program, you’ll be able to seek employment as an entry-level electrician.

3. Industrial Electrical Technology-Diploma

You’ll learn how to work with electrical circuits, analog and digital electronics, motors, controls, microprocessor, and microcomputers to name just a few. Learning to communicate effectively, and securing a strong grasp of technical and scientific skills; are just a few of the assets you’ll command after successful graduation from the program.

There are a lot of possible roads to take, but if you’re serious about looking at what’s on the menu for electrician schools in California, WyoTech just might have the answers you’ve been looking for.

Why not contact us today for more information on how the WyoTech Electrical Technology Program can help electrify your future career options!

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