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Auto Mechanic Career Outlook

auto-3.jpgHow about those auto mechanics! These guys and gals inspect, maintain, troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair autos, vans, buses, and trucks all across America.

The great thing about being an auto mechanic is the industry will always be in need of skilled technicians who feel at home under the hood or body of a vehicle. Automobile mechanics are required to perform work that calls for specialization in a single skill, or they’re required to perform general duties.

Automobile technology has rapidly advanced, and mechanics need to be skilled in wireless technologies, power-trains, and alternative fuels vehicles to name a few.

Here are some areas trained mechanics may be qualified to be employed as:

  1. Automobile service station mechanic
  2. Fuel-injections servicer
  3. Automotive electrician
  4. Automotive-cooling system diagnostics technician
  5. Air-conditioning mechanic
  6. Brake repairer
  7. Carburetor mechanic
  8. Front-end mechanic
  9. Transmission mechanic
  10. Tune-up mechanic
  11. Automobile-radiator mechanic

And much more!

If you’re thinking about getting the career tech school training that can qualify you to seek employment in the Automotive Technology field, why not contact us today for more information!

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