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How to Prepare Your Children for School Away From Home

wyo-girl-and-boy.jpgPreparing a son or daughter to attend a technical school away from home is a challenge to say the least. However, once they are there, it’s all worth while.

Being prepared can protect your son or daughter from any unexpected problems that might arise when they are away at school. And, this is especially challenging when they should have their attention on studying hard and enjoying themselves.

Here are some areas to nail down in advance:

Finances: Make sure any loans, grants, or parental contributions are all sorted out. It’s going to be important for your son or daughter to be skilled at budget planning. There will always be a certain amount needed for food, recreation, and bills.

Insurance: Insurance needed may cover personal, medical, property, student travel, and auto to name a few. Make sure you’ve covered all the possibilities with your tech school representative before attending a destination school.

Accommodations: Always make sure your son or daughter’s accommodations are suitable well in advance. Will the cost of electricity, gas, insurance, and food be covered?

Transportation: It’s important that a student get to and from class with as few challenges as possible. Check into the transportation being offered to and from selected student housing sites.

Communication: It’s absolutely essential for you to be in contact with your son or daughter while they’re away at school. Most students will have a cell phone, but if not, make sure their accommodations have a landline available. These are important for safety reasons, as well as insuring that students can communicate with each other.

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