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Marine Mechanic Careers

marine-1.jpgMotorboats are used for a lot purposes; including fishing, racing, pleasure, and business. And, this means that all of these craft require qualified mechanics that can diagnose and repair. Repair also extends to other areas such as propellers, steering systems, and other necessary equipment on the boat.

As motorboat engine technology evolves, the challenges of the marine mechanic become increasingly complex. It takes a skilled mechanic to determine the source of a break-down problem, and a variety of techniques are used in the process to get watercraft up and running again.

Check out some of the duties of a marine mechanic:

  • Visually inspect a boat
  • Take motors apart and put them back together again
  • Utilize computer testing devices
  • Estimate length of repairs
  • Test using computerized devices
  • Review service manuals for updated information
  • Perform needed maintenance repairs

And more!

Graduates of our Marine Program may seek careers as:

  1. Franchise Dealership Technician
  2. Marine Fleet Technician
  3. Engine Builder
  4. Aftermarket Parts Application/Development

Why not contact WyoTech today for a DVD to get more information on how our career tech school training in the Marine Program can help you put your career on the right track.

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