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Motorcycles Are Mainstream

motorcycle.jpgToday’s motorcycle rider comes from all walks of life; lawyers, doctors, blue-collar worker, and baby-boomers just to name a few. Just a few decades ago, bikers were often considered to be outlaws, and even criminals. However, all that has changed! Today, riders are simply seen as true fans of motorcycle riding; and they come in every age.

There are a lot of reasons people are taking to the open road on their bikes these days; and being in the open air and hearing the sounds of the outdoors is at the top of the list. Riding a motorcycle is a challenging form of transportation, and taking to the wide-open road isn’t for everyone. You might say that motorcycle riding is really an enthusiasts sport. The attraction for many comes from the thrill of balancing both mental and physical skills.

There is a high level of risk in riding a motorcycle, and the decision to ride should be made with a sober mind. However, while the risk can’t be eliminated, it can be lowered by adopting the right attitude towards bike riding. Safety is priority-one; and the development of mental and physical strategies though training can help enhance safety tremendously. The statistics state a person is at least 20 times more likely to get injured on a motorcycle than in a car.

Some of the main reasons for riding a motorcycle include; commuting, touring, competition, riding for sport, and riding for the image of it all. There are also a wide variety of motorcycles types-cruisers, touring bikes, dual purpose bikes, and sports bikes to name a few. Most riders will readily admit they’re looking for a compromise between safety, comfort, and performance.

Most often, you can find a connection between the riding style of the rider, and the type of motorcycle he or she rides.

Here are a few advantages that motorcycles have over cars:

  1. Motorcycles are smaller, and therefore a lot easier to maneuver in tight spots.
  2. Motorcycles often deliver a high level of performance for the dollar spent.
  3. Lower purchase cost, offset by load limitations.

Managing motorcycle riding risk by knowing the limitation of others is one of the biggest challenges you’ll ever face on your bike. So remember, ride safe-ride well!

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