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Tips on Coping at School Away from Home

Going away to a career tech school usually involves a whole variety of emotions. It’s something that can be scary, full of excitement, and nerve-wracking all at the same time. The good part is, you can expect to make the adjustment in a short period of time.

Here are some speed bumps to be on the lookout for:

1. Bad Eating Habits with little or no exercise

If you haven’t already put your eating habits in check, now might be the time to get on some type of healthy eating schedule. I know it probably sounds old-school, but it’s not a bad idea to veg-up whenever you can. There’s a reason your parents kept putting vegetable on the table. Exercise is a good thing! No matter how tired or how busy you are, always leave time each day to give your body a little love and respect.

2. Not making friends with similar interests

You’re going to leave a lot of your old friends behind when you move off to attend a destination school, and you might even feel a bit depressed about it from time to time. Just keep in mind that almost everyone else will be feeling the same vibes, so don’t be shy about introducing yourself to everyone. Grouping together because of similar interests is a natural process that will allow you to find the friends and support you need.

3. Not getting involved in school and group activities

The best way to meld with what’s happening is to get involved in school and group activities. You can bet there’s always something to do, something to see, and something to be involved in. Clubs are also a great way to meet other people at your school who share similar interests. There’s usually something for everyone, and with a little time you’ll find something that fits your interest.

4. Not checking in with family and friends back home.

It’s only normal to get homesick from time to time. It’s good to visit home to see family and friends. Just be careful not to abuse the privileges. Those timely visits can be completely refreshing, and will serve to give you the energy and support you need to keep up the full-court press at your school.

At WyoTech, we believe in providing the environment and support structure that can help you find your way in life. We offer programs in a variety of in-demand career fields, and we can help you find your match. We have a team of dedicated instructors, industry advisors, and administrators dedicated to making sure you get the career tech school training you deserve.

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