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Up for the Challenge of an Automotive Career?

under-the-hood-2.JPGThe automotive mechanic of today’s world is no longer just a mere “mechanic”. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, a large portion of the country’s jobs are in the automotive industry. That’s a lot!  Trained technicians can make good money in their early years of employment, and master technicians can earn even a greater income.

The great thing about the auto industry, is that you can move into other areas such as; parts, sales, finance, insurance, marketing, and management. As the industry becomes more sophisticated, automotive technicians have to be a lot more computer-savvy to diagnose and complete necessary repairs. You’ll need to develop excellent problem solving skills and have a solid aptitude for mathematics.

The work of an auto tech can be challenging-but it’s rewarding to most of the thousands of skilled individuals working in the trade. The job involves being computer savvy and having an aptitude to diagnose and repair vehicles.

Check out the areas your WyoTech career tech school training can specialize in:

Advanced Automotive Diagnostics
Applied Service Management
Automotive-Diesel Combination
High Performance Powertrain
Light-duty Diesel
Motorsports Chassis Fabrication
Street Rod and Custom Fabrication
Trim and Upholstery

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