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Tips on Preparing Your Young Adult for Life after High School

There are a lot of options for young adults when it comes to life after school. Depending on their abilities and interests, here are several possibilities they might pursue:

1. Moving directly into full or part-time employment.

2. Starting a family and setting up a household.

3. Attending a trade school or pursuing other training to learn a specialized skill

Our young adults also have other choices; such as:

1. Living at home

2. If away at school, living in a fraternity/sorority house

3. Living in a house or apartment

4. Living in another town or state

As a parent, you can be instrumental in helping your child prepare for adulthood. This means teaching him or her to take care of their own personal needs early on. It’ll take time to master these skills, so the earlier you start the training the better. Start early, regardless of your children’s plans after graduating from high school.

You’ll want to teach them to take care of their personal needs such as hygiene, grooming, and preparation of meals, shopping, and money management. Developing strong social skills will be necessary when they trek out on their own. And especially, if they decide to attend a destination school.

Your children should be able to travel independently. Make sure they learn how to navigate environments that are culturally diverse as well. Their travels outside of their zone of comfort will often demand they understand the etiquette of other cultures.

In time, they will learn to build healthy relationships and protect themselves from the negative or unhealthy interactions of some people. And having these skills might just be the turning point for them when making a decision to attend a destination school.

As a parent, you’re going to play a very important role in the decisions your children make when deciding on the education they want to pursue. This is why you’ll want to know everything there is to know about their school of interest.

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