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Collision Refinishing Technicians’ Rock

collision-repair.jpgNot all collision repair programs are created equal, but a good collision repair technology program can prepare students to enter the job market with skills that are in demand.

If you’re the kind of person that thrives on taking a damaged vehicle and making it look like new, then you should consider a career in collision refinishing.

Skilled technicians, trained in collision repair, are in demand. And, with the newer cars on the road, more advanced skills are required to restore them like new after they get banged up.

In the Collision Refinishing Program, you’ll pick up some solid skills that include: Fundamentals of collision repair, replacing damage bolted and welded on panels, structural measuring and repairs, MIG welding, preparing a surface for refinishing, spot repairing damaged areas, and much more!

Your tech school coursework will be taught in two sections: Collision repair provides fundamental instruction in repairing sheet metal, panel replacement techniques, welding, working with mechanical and electronic components such as air bag systems, structural part replacement, and much more.

The refinishing course will provide students with instruction in surface preparation, masking, spray gun operation, spot repair, detailing, corrosion protection, repairing many types of plastics and much more.

So you see; the WyoTech Collision Refinishing Program is designed to give you the tools you need to compete successfully in the job market.

If you’re thinking about checking into the WyoTech Collision Refinishing Program, it might just be the move that can change your life for the better. Request our DVD for more information on how you can get the tech school training that can put you on the fast track to success in the automotive technology industry.

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