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Don’t be surprised if you get a text message from an auto dealership on your cell phone. Dealers are joining other advertisers in marketing on mobile phones. Consumers are now able to gain direct access to many dealerships’ listings of new and used vehicles.

The listings come complete with photos, prices, condition reports, directions to the showroom, and contact information.

So what does all of this mean for someone thinking of becoming an automotive technician?

It means that despite the gas crunch, and the lifestyle adjustments across the country, people still need transportation to keep their lives in balance. Car manufacturers and dealers are going to find creative ways to reach out to both old and new customers. And, if the cars are selling, there’s always a need for qualified auto technicians to service them.

The automotive tech school training at WyoTech can help you gain an understanding of the science and technology that goes into modern, highly-sophisticated automobiles. The program allows for quality time in both the classroom and shop floor-where you’ll get plenty of hands-on experience.

Automotive Technology Training includes:

• Basic Engine Management Systems
• Driveability Diagnostics
• Drivetrain Systems
• Chassis

Why not request a WyoTech DVD today for more information on how automotive tech school training can help you rev-up your life.

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