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The Best Places to Find Parts for That Monster Truck of Yours

If you love trucks and own one, you’re no doubt aware of how hard it can be sometimes to get the parts you need. If you’re good at networking, you may be able to get a little extra help in finding the parts with the least amount of effort.

Assuming you’ve already tried the normal outlets, here are a few good ideas to consider.

Internet supplier lists can yield some surprising results. These are lists that can tell you where to find most any part you’re looking for. And the good part is, the site owner has already done all the work in organizing the lists for you.

Believe it or not, Craigslist can be an excellent place to place a free ad. There may be people there looking to sell you what you need. And, if not, you haven’t spent any money.

It’s not a bad idea to join an internet thread on “monster trucks”. There are a lot of people with the same interests as yours that haunt these kinds of forums and sites. A good place to join groups and forums can be MySpace and Yahoo. Here’s a great automotive forum you might want to check out.

Swap meets are another good place to look. Your local newspaper can give you dates and times for local swap meets, if any, that monster truck parts will be featured in vendors’ booths.

Swap meets are always an exciting place to meet new people and make new connections.

Find, and join a group of enthusiasts. If you can join a monster truck club, there will be a lot of people that know the answers.

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