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Who’s the Plumber in the Dirty Overhauls?

Why, it’s the plumber we all know and love! Plumbers are a welcome sight to people who have leaky pipes or a sink that needs installing. These folks do a whole lot more than most of us can imagine. They do most of the dirty work on pipe systems from water treatment plants, to skyscrapers, to homes.

Your favorite plumber can be seen, on any given day, installing gas, drainage, water, or sewer systems in homes or buildings. They get to use a wide variety of neat tools too! Just think-the joy of being able to work with plastic, steel, and copper piping. This is the kind of hands-on glee that will curl toes up in steel-toe boots–one size too small!

In today’s world, plumbers are doing a lot of the design work also because they’re up on building codes, material, and building techniques. This means they get to knock out openings in walls, cut and shape pipe, and play with different types of pipe glue and cement.

Don’t kid yourself! The work of a plumber can be physically demanding. You’ll do your share of bending, kneeling, and standing; and sometimes, for long periods of time. You’ll also get to handle unwieldy pipe and wrestle with heavy machinery on occasion.

Hey, that’s what it’s all about though!

But, the best part is, if you love what you’re doing for a living-there’s no downside! WyoTech has a plumbing program that can train you in the following areas: Blueprints, Potable water and piping systems, Drain Waste and vent systems, hot water systems, service and repair, and stoppages.

You’ll even sharpen your reasoning and problem-solving skills in our Plumbing Technology Program.

Let’s face it! There aren’t a lot of professions where you can wear you dirty overhauls with pride. If working as a plumber for a living and floating paper boats in the toilet bowl sounds inviting, why not contact us by requesting a WyoTech DVD to see what the career training requirements are to gain employment in the plumbing industry!

Life can actually be a lot of fun, and when you have the right job, the right skills, and promising career possibilities—it can even get to be a lot better.

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