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The Electrician’s Song

Electricians are those hard working folks that bring electricity into homes, factories, and businesses. They rarely have dull moments on the job as they install wiring and components,circuit breakers, and transformers.

Electricians do it all, which includes: Installing wiring systems in factory and commercialsettings, installing insulated wire encased in plastic, wiring accommodations for voice, data, and video equipment, and fiber optic cables for telecommunications equipment.

The work of an electrician will vary, depending on where the electrician is working. An electrician’s training prepares them to make repairs as quickly as possible to minimize the inconvenience of a client. Electricians working in large factories will do maintenance work that is more complex in nature. Maintenance can include repairing motors, generators, transformers, and electronic controllers to name a few.

Learning the Trade

Most Electricians will learn the trade in an apprenticeship program. On-the-job training and classroom instruction are the norm for the vast majority of apprenticeship programs.

Check out the following of what you may be expected to learn:

      Basic electrical theory and concepts


      National electrical code and conduit bending


      Commercial wiring and circuitry


      Power distribution and conduit bending


      Motors and over-current protection


      Advanced code concepts and blueprints Industrial controls


      Advanced industrial control concepts


    Electronic and computer-based control technology

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