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Rock Racer Update for WyoTech-Sacramento & Laramie

wyot1.jpgWyoTech students in Sacramento and Laramie teamed up to build a Rock Racer for the 2008 UROC and XRRA Rock Racing seasons-the driver? Clay Egan is not your average off-roadie.

Clay was in a motorcycle accident over 10 years ago that left him in a wheelchair with limited use of his hands. But that doesn’t stop him from racing professionally.

In addition to racing, Clay has written a book, a screen play and is a motivational speaker when he is not working for one of his main sponsors, Tuff Shed. Working with the two campuses and a select team of students, Clay has also been a mentor, sharing his unique experiences with the students. Bottom line?

The buggy started in Sacramento where the team fabricated and created the buggy frame from the ground up. In 2 months, the team mocked up the buggy and created a rolling chassis for transport to Laramie.

The Laramie team has further completed the chassis, creating mounts for the body, and all the interior components of the racer. In an effort to get attention for the buggy’s good looks while contributing to the durability, the team has also added some unique metal features-you will just have to stay tuned to find out more.

The new Rock Racer is scheduled to be featured in the Dirt Sports booth at the Salt Lake City Off Road Expo in April.

Congratulations to the graduates and soon to be graduates!

Sacramento team: Lawrence Taylor, Taylor Caldwell, Eric Bopp, Cory Albert, David Sobel, Keith Mulhern, Jeremy Balok, Jose Barhona, Josh Collins and instructor Peter Favaro.

Laramie team: student leader Sam Perry, Chris Macus, Coulton Sargent, Mike Hulse, Fred Melius, Ryan Genin, Josh Hammond, Thomas Vandine, Christopher Caudle, Jeff Dunn, Marcos Ruiz, Michael Marier, Tim Carter, Tanner DeForest, Kevin Sisto, Shawn Swanson and instructor Rick Junkermerier. Also featuring buggy rendering from student Marshall Ray.

A special thanks to the following partners who have invested in this experience for our students; Turn Key Engine Supply, RPM Fiberglass, and Hughes Performance Transmissions.

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