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Diesel Engines-Own the Advantage!

There are a few advantages to owning a diesel powered engine. You get more torque, better gas mileage, and few maintenance problems. Sure, there may be some complaints about weak power from the engine on occasion, usually when accelerating from a full stop, but you can actually tweak your diesel engine to produce more power without risking its fuel efficiency.

Another great thing about diesel engines is they don’t need spark plugs. This means you get to bypass the standard tune-up; and that translates to more spending change after the bills have been paid.

Another good piece of information you can chew on is the fact that diesel fuel is a higher density than conventional vehicle fuel. Higher density means your gas mileage will increase 20% to 30% over gasoline powered models.

The fewer the moving parts-the less there is to break down! Fewer moving parts means the life span of your engine is longer.

If you own a boat, or enjoy camping when the mood hits, you’ll get a lot more torque when pulling a boat, camper, or equipment. A diesel engine can be counted on not to let you down when pulling hills or going over bridges.

So, why doesn’t everyone drive a diesel?

Well, for one, the rules governing emissions are a little bit stricter for diesel engines. Car manufactures are still busy figuring out how to make their modes more “environmentally friendly”.

The other complaint is that diesel engines lack power! Most drivers in America like to hit the highway with as little effort as possible. With a diesel engine, it takes a little longer.

Fortunately, for diesel lovers, there are aftermarket parts that can help a motorist squeeze out more power out of their engines. This is good! Fuel economy isn’t compromised. In fact, in some cases, fuel economy is even improved.

Diesel engines may still be significantly outnumbered on the highways, but with technological gains on the rise, you may find yourself opting to go with that new diesel powered vehicle that’s been on your mind night and day.

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