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WyoTech “Official Technical School” of NHRA for Third Season

WyoTech Returns as “Official Technical School” of NHRA for Third Season

Santa Ana, CA -WyoTech has returned for its third season as the “Official Technical School” of the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA), the fastest-growing motorsport in America.

WyoTech also sponsors two leading NHRA teams-Pro Stock Motorcycle racer Steve Johnson and Competition Eliminator racer Bruno Massel, Jr. Nearly a dozen recent WyoTech graduates are crew members on top NHRA race teams, combining their extensive training with their passion for cars and competition.

WyoTech students receive training which emphasizes not only technical skill, but personal and professional development and team work. They are well-prepared and valued by top NHRA teams and other racing organizations, many of which have hired WyoTech graduates.

Thomas Livingston is one such graduate – a crew member of the 2007 NHRA POWERade Funny Car World Championship Team. “Being able to do what I do is awesome. WyoTech is there to teach you the industry standards and how to maintain that professionalism.

It got me to where I am today,” Thomas said. “When I started at WyoTech, I didn’t realize how much professionalism and discipline was necessary to make it in the ‘real world’ but the WyoTech instructors made sure I was always at the top of my game.”

“We take pride in the fact that many of WyoTech’s graduates have gone on to prestigious roles in racing and other industries,” noted Frank Stryjewski, WyoTech Division President.

“WyoTech training provides a great technical foundation and our specialty courses in High-Performance Powertrains and Motorsports Chassis Fabrication offer the extra edge required to break into today’s coveted motorsports careers.”

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