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WyoTech Daytona Brute Horsepower Bike Shootout

Every year, WyoTech Daytona hosts an annual event during Bike Week called the Brute Horsepower shootout. The dates for this year’s event will be March 3-7.For the 18th year riders are once again testing their mettle… And their metal, in Daytona Bike Week’s premier dyno event-WyoTech’s Brute Horsepower Shootout.Every year dozens of contestants and their machines rev it all the way to the redline in pusuit of cash and prizes and most important of all, bragging rights in the shootout’s 20 categories.Bikes from 125cc motocrossers all way way to dual-turbo nitrous-breathing monster machines make their way onto WyoTech’s finely tuned dynamometers to get the real lowdown on how much power they can make.The numbers are truly impressive. Last year’s unlimited class winner put up more than five hundred horsepower… All from a 1300cc engine.Make sure you take some time out of your Bike Week schedule to witness the mind blowing power machines and see for yourself what talented tuners can squeeze out of every centimeter of displacement.If you’re up for the adventure, you can test your own bike in the shootout. Admission is free and a complete set of rules and class schedule information can be downloaded below!

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