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4 Sure-Fire ways to Determine Used Car Value

The ability to determine used car value will come in handy on more occasions that you can imagine. It’s no mystery that people are buying more and more used cars; and it’s beneficial to anyone to know how used cars are priced. It’s typical for a used car dealer to add a percentage of the car’s original.

1. Consider All the Pricing Factors First

Your job is also to determine the factors that affect the price of a used car. One of those factors can be for the overall demand for a particular vehicle in a particular location. If demand is high, you may be able to get a better deal outside of the zone. Shop around!

2. Determine the Value

Used car value can also be determined by seeking the help of the NADA (National Automobile Dealer’s Association). You can check out the yearly guides that are published.

Another good source of finding cheap used cars is at a government auction. Check the time and dates of an auction in your area. Some auction programs can actually provide you with valuable pointers on how to find used cars at low prices.

3. Give Your Vehicle a once-over!

Look at the age of a vehicle and its overall condition, mileage, interior and exterior. You should also get the maintenance record if at all possible. If the car has no maintenance records, this could be a good sign the original owner has been slack in their duties.

4. Watch out for Dealer Markups

Dealers can employ a few tricks! They know that the buyer is looking for a discount, and the goal becomes to mark up the original price of the vehicle. Thus, the final price becomes the original price before the discount.

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