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How to Get the Best Used Car Prices on Your Own Terms

When you’re out shopping for a new or used car, the goal will be to get the best used car prices-on your terms. Don’t forget that the salesperson is out to money, and they accomplish that goal by making you or I pay the highest possible rate.

If you want to avoid the obvious pitfalls, here are few reminders you should be on the lookout for when negotiating used car prices:

1. Shop around Town

Don’t fall in love with the first car that you see. Dealerships will carry a lot of cars in their inventories that be purchased at a lower price than others. This works well if you can show the salesperson that the same car and model exists elsewhere for less. Know the book value of the vehicle before you walk in the dealership door.

2. Hammer down the Best Loan Terms

If you’ve got the cost down to a level you can live with, the next thing is to hammer down the best loan terms possible. Remember, you can obtain a loan and get the best used car prices from the dealership, a private lender, bank, or credit union. It’s possible to get both the best interest rate and loan terms if the dealer has high volume sales.

3. Sew up the Comparisons

The internet is an excellent place to look as well. When you have all of your loan comparisons, you can approach a lender with a lot more confidence. Always adopt the frame of mind that you can walk out from the negotiations any time you want. There will always be car deals that suit your budget. Remember, you’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

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