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How to Rock Crawl with the Best of Them

Another term for rock crawling is extreme-off road driving. This is a sport where modified wheels powered by 4 wheels (4×4) navigate and crawl over a wide variety of terrains that includes sand, water, rocks, mud, and hills. You can bet you’ll break something in the process on your extreme 4×4; but that’s what makes it fun and keeps everyone coming back for more.

Your initial needs are simple. You’ll need a modified vehicle and a trail you can blaze in the process.

The first challenge to overcome is getting the right equipment. You’ll need an extreme vehicle which can take any shape the imagination will allow. You’ll also need the right modifications which include suspension shifts, Make sure you’ve got a solid front and rear axle with 4-link suspension.

Spring and shock combinations will have to soft enough to allow for the greatest amount of axle articulation as possible. Don’t forget, you’ll be in for a bumpy ride!

Links, transmissions, driveshafts, and shocks are subjects and entire book could be written on. Do your homework and come up the best combinations that works best for you.

1. Find a Spotter

It’s highly recommended you take a spotter with you. The last thing you would want is to have an accident without anyone’s knowledge. No matter what the temptation, always remember to place safety first. And by all means, take the advice of your spotter.

2. Take Your Time on the Course

Navigate the course with precision. If you’re not in it for the speed, crawling over a rock at 1mph will get the job done. If driving an automatic, it’s okay to keep one foot on the gas and the other on the brake. This way, you can avoid popping-a-wheelie on unfriendly terrain.

3. Seek the High Ground

The higher ground you can find for your tires the better! Your undercarriage is always at risk for being damaged. Of course, the sport is defined by rock climbing, but the more level you can keep your vehicle-the longer its lifespan.

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