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Returning National Guardsman to Get Car Surprise

Students at WyoTech in Laramie Wyoming are going to be an integral part of the welcome home for an Oklahoma National Guard soldier.

The WyoTech team is refurbishing a 1973 Barracuda belonging to Andrew Stiles. Andrew Stiles has been serving in Iraq, and is scheduled to return home in May.

Stiles purchased the car 30 years ago, but hasn’t been able to give it the restoration attention it deserves. The interior is peeling and torn, and the exterior is rusty.

A neighbor contacted WyoTech about restoring the car of for the soldier. With two nephews having successfully graduated from WyoTech, Andrew’s neighbor Joe Davis, knows the magical touch students can put on a car.

The students will pair off in teams and repair the body, restore the interior, replace the stereo system, and install a Hemi motor transmission.

Bill Mikkelson, Coordinator of the collision/refinishing/trim and upholstery programs at the Laramie Campus, noted that the car hasn’t been driven since 1999. Other Similar projects have been successfully completed in the past, but this is the first project on behalf of a soldier,” noted Bill Mikkelson.

This is a car that was created with muscle car good-looks, and the WyoTech students are going to tackle it from top to bottom, front to back, and inside and out.

Students chosen to work on the project will have to earn the right to be a team member though! They’ll be required to write a one-page essay, and will also be chosen based on grades, attendance and volunteerism.

The project will cost roughly $20,000, including labor. The project will also receive help from such industry notables as: YearOne, Sherwin-Williams, and Bridgestone.

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