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4-Year College vs. Tech School: A Personal Choice

While college may not be for everyone, there is a compelling need for individuals in today’s world to purse some sort of higher education or training. “Architecting a future” requires putting plan in place that’s a result of having a vision. As a result, will you be doing something you love, or will you just be working for a paycheck?

You might see this type of information over and over, but there’s a reason the world keeps trying to get the point across to all of us. Education is the means by which we open up the doors of opportunity in our lives. Finding the right avenue is not an easy process. It means narrowing down the choices of where you’re going to spend your money and invest in your future, and this can be difficult.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Are you the kind of person that would prefer a shorter more targeted program? If not, can you afford the time and commitment that a longer program would require?

Specific career and educational goals will help to narrow down if you want your education to be broad based, or focused on one topic.

Knowing your lifestyle and how school will fit into your life, and even the non-traditional scheduling such as online, evening, and distant learning can be viable options. Knowing your dreams will also help you key in on the type of training and education needed to pursue your dreams.

The US Department of Education website offers considerable resources for training and career research.

It pays big dividends to do the inner research that can help you determine whether you want to learn for “sake” of learning; or whether the desire to higher education is career focused.

Benefits of College: A four year liberal arts degree can apply to many fields and diverse topics. Or, you may choose to focus and advance in a particular discipline. The college degree, in general, will allow you to explore the “college life”.

There are other benefits that can surface, such as the ability to establish solid networking ties that one can tap for life.

Benefits of Technical School: College isn’t for everyone, if this were the case, technical schools wouldn’t exist. Some people feel there is a stigma associated with tech schools, but tech school training can be supremely important and rewarding for those that choose this path.

Tech school programs are more focused, and offer the following: shorter duration, focused programs, more relaxed admission standards, flexible scheduling, and hands-on-training.

One has to be able to filer out all of the negative distractions, and focus on the benefits of what either choice will bring into his or her life.

Upon graduation from tech school, many students have found themselves properly positioned to secure jobs on the ground-floor level. The hands-on experience of a tech school gives the graduate a feeling that upon graduation-they’re ready to challenge the world on “their” terms.

If you’re thinking about how tech school training at WyoTech can help to change your life, why not request a DVD today!

Remember, it’s your choice!

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