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How to give your car the Perfect Automotive Paint Job- 5 Tips

paint-job.jpgSo, you’re thinking it’s time to give that lemon sitting in your drive a little TLC, and you’re wondering if the time and money are worth it! Well, you’ve got several options. You can opt to do the entire car, or you can focus on the most obvious areas of dinged metal and chipped paint.

1. Avoid the fumes!

Avoiding the paint fumes should be priority one! If you’re not careful and you’re exposing yourself to toxic fumes: It won’t matter how good the paint job looks on your car. Play it safe and wear a respirator mask during the prep and painting stages. You should also make sure the staging area is well ventilated also.

2. Keep Dust to a Minimum

Dust particles can ruin a paint job. Secure the painting area, and hang sheets if you need to. This also means wearing paint overhauls as well. The key is to make the area as secure and paint-ready as possible. You can do this by hanging sheets from the floor to the ceiling and wearing the proper clothing.

3. Plan the Finish before you Start

Go for the automotive paint job finish that looks great. The secret is to make every bit of the preparation phase count. If you skimp in this area, you’ll pay for it down the line. Itemize each phase of the paint job and follow the game plan.

4. Put in Quality Time on the Strip Job

Strip of the old paint using a solvent base remover, or, you can do it the hard way by using a sander. Plan on putting quality time into this phase of getting “the perfect automotive paint job”, and use the finest grade sandpaper that’s available.

There are basically two types of auto paint that will get the job done for you: cellulose and Two Pack auto paint. Two Pack is often the choice because the finish is much better. However, cellulose is great to use when attempting to recapture the original look of an older style.

5. Keep the spray nozzle clean

It’s important to keep the spray gun nozzle clean in between coats of paint; otherwise, small flakes of paint may spoil the perfection of the paint job. Once you’ve applied all the paint coating you feel necessary, you can step back and admire your handy-work.

Applying one more coat for best affects is what most painters do. After the paint job has dried, normally a twenty four hour period, feel free to put a killer shine on the vehicle.

Giving your car the perfect automotive paint job in the back yard or garage is a lot of fun and can be challenging.

However, it you’ve thought about what it would be like to give a car the perfect automotive paint job in a professional setting, why not request our WyoTech DVD and find out about the automotive tech school training that can help you land the job of your dreams.

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