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WyoTech Partners with Clay Egan on Rock Racer Build

toyo-poster.jpg Clay Egan is no stranger to pushing it to the limit–and living life with gusto.

At the age of 22, Clay had a motorcycle accident at night on a mountain road. The result was a broken neck that confined him to a wheelchair.

However, Clay Egan is far beyond the “normal biography” that many people succumb to. In Clays own words, “Before my accident I rode hard, hunted and played sports. Being in a wheelchair didn’t change the fact that I did those things, just HOW I did them. Now I play wheelchair rugby, drive my jeep in the UROC competitions and still hunt. (I’ve found new ways to be stealthy and sly while on the hunt, you just gotta get real creative!”

Clay draws from his unique experiences, and along with being a gifted speaker and thinker, encourages audiences with “attitude” to push the limits of success, performance, and personal goals. To Clay, nothing is an obstacle!

Clay Egan is presently based out of South Jordan, Utah, and races in the UROC and XRRA rock racing circuits. The sport has evolved beyond traditional rock crawling-to Rock Racing which involves a closed circuit course with rock obstacles. The challenges are both the engaging obstacles and speed.

Introduced by WyoTech graduate and co-host of Xtreme 4×4 Jessi Combs, Clay is now on a mission to build a vehicle that will allow him to compete in the “Super Modified Class” of Rockcross/Rock Racing. Clay already has many of the parts he needs, along with the support of many of the nation’s top builders and designers.

WyoTech is committed to building (parts and labor) a Rock Racing vehicle in preparation for the 2008 racing season opener in April. Clay is providing the design and build specifications and expertise, and can depend on WyoTech to assist in bringing in the industry and professional partners as needed.

The rock racer build will be completed at two WyoTech campuses; including: Sacramento, Ca, and Laramie, WY.

Each campus will be responsible for completing their portion of the build. The builders at each campus consists of a combination of students, faculty, and industry partners.

With such a rapidly evolving sport as Rock Racing, there are some tremendous opportunities to bridge new partnerships with race industry professionals as well as the media. WyoTech is proud to be a part of such a major event.

UPDATE: Check out the Clay Egan Rock Racer Build on Video – You Gotta See This!

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