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How to Give Your Muscle Car Fangs-4 Tips

Muscle cars have long been considered both a tradition and a legacy among hard-core enthusiasts. However, the requirement for giving your muscle car “personality” is that you love power and speed. Just think of that awesome roar in the middle of quiet traffic!

The first order of business is to choose the right muscle care, and this means finding the car that best describes you.

1. Choose the Engine

Most enthusiasts will start with the engine, and then work backwards to what they think a muscle car should look like. The engine can be universal, or one that varies in size and power. If the engine is rare, it might be a tax on your wallet. On the other hand, you should still be able to find a suitable engine with the cylinders and horsepower you need at an acceptable price.

2. ID the Model

If you don’t already have a maker in mind, shop around! Finding the right model is usually a factor of size, power, and style. Since muscle cars are vintage in nature, certain models will have unique traits at the time of their introduction. Matching the year with a muscle car’s unique traits will get you a lot of well-deserved attention.

3. Choose Your Transmission

You can have your choice of either manual or automatic with respect to the transmission. This takes the pressure off if you can’t drive a stick. If you find the car of your dreams, you can convert it if it’s an automatic. Generally, your car will perform better if it’s a manual.

4. Find an Engaging Style

This is where personality and creativity come into play; anywhere from a paint job, to the style of doors, or a hardtop or a convertible. Keeping everything in its original form is highly recommended, and will work in your favor if you’re an avid collector or seller.

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