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7 Tips for Buying a Used Harley Davidson Motorcycle

The great thing about buying a used Harley Davidson-is that no one cares that it’s used. A used Harley ranks right up there alongside a new one, and finding a used one isn’t really that difficult at all.

Some great places to look are the classifieds published in newspapers, bulletin boards, magazines, and the internet and so on. You’ll find a lot private sellers and buyers looking in these venues.

Going straight for the jugular is not a bad idea either. You can go straight to the Harley Davidson Dealer and find a good deal. The benefits are obvious; you can look for a host of models such as Cruisers, Softails, Dyna, V-Rod, and Buell to name a few.

Some Great Buying Tips:

1. Do your Homework

A Harley is a great buy, but there are a lot of Harleys on the market, and having an idea of what you want up front will help you thread through a lot red tape. Doing your homework can help you get your priorities straight. Think in terms of where you’ll be riding, and how often.

2. Inspect Everything

When you find the model that fits your eye, back up and take a moment to get your wits together. Just because someone is selling a Harley, it doesn’t mean the bike is in the best of health. Take heed of the old saying, “let the buyer be aware”. Listen to the sound of the Harley especially; it’ll speak volumes about the health of the Harley.

3. Take the Harley for a Spin

Take the Harley for a cruise, even if you have to take the seller with you. This will be the perfect opportunity to check out the brakes, horn, gears, indicators etc. Take the Harley over a few bumps in the road. This will let you know up front how it performs on lumpy pavement. Don’t make any hasty decisions. There will be plenty of time to snatch the perfect deal.

4. Check the Credentials

Make sure you verify the credentials. You’ll want to make sure all the paperwork is up to date, and that the individual selling the bike is on the up and up. The last thing you want is a lemon in the shape of a Harley Davidson.

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