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How Does the American Muscle Car Rate Against the Import?

Let’s say you’re at the race track, and the excitement in the air is so thick you can cut it with a knife. Two cars on are up on the deck and ready to burn massive rubber! One is American, and the other is an import.

Which Car Will Win?

Odds are the American muscle car has a powerful V8 engine, along with rear-wheel drive and is fine-tuned to run better than it did when it left the factory. The import will more than likely have a four-cylinder engine along with front wheel drive.

The import may take off quicker at the starting line because its gears have been lowered. The downside is that the top-end speed is going to be reduced. The import could be modified and stripped to correct the difference-which of course would take away a lot of the amenities.

Secondly, that odor in the air might be the smell of nitrous oxide. This is a type of racing fuel used when short burst of power are needed, and is more than likely what the import will use.

At takeoff, the American car might be spinning its wheels like crazy behind the sound of a powerful V8 roaring like thunder.

You guessed it! The import is the first to take off.

Crossing the finish line-the American muscle car edges out the import. Here’s why! While the imports have taken over the American streets due to increased gas mileage, affordable prices, and dependability, they don’t come from the factory equipped to produce a great deal of racing power.

Most American muscle and sports cars are ready to race when they leave the factory because of their large and powerful engines. The imports, on the other hand, are far more expensive to “make” fast.

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