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Top 5 Questions Women Should Ask When Their Car is in the Shop

Having your car in the shop can be both inconvenient, and a bit scary if you’re having second thoughts about the mechanic under your hood. The following are some tips about what you can don to ease the worry.

1. What’s the Cost?

The first question anyone should ask when their care is in the shop is “What’s it going to cost me?” While men tend to be a bit more aggressive in this area, women can benefit tremendously by taking the initiative to go straight for the jugular.

2. Get the Estimates

If you’re a woman, and the car is taken in to be diagnosed for repair, you should get a second opinion before committing. Since most auto mechanics are men, it stands to reason that the chance of a woman getting on over-inflated cost estimate is more likely to happen. Ask for a range of estimates, and don’t take “no” for an answer.

3. How long will it Take?

Getting a good estimate of how long the repairs will take is also an excellent idea. The longer your vehicle is in the shop, the more likely you’ll commit to a “string” of repairs just to get it out as soon as possible. In this scenario, getting your car out of “jail” overrides both cost and common sense.

4. Ask for the Old Parts Back

Don’t hesitate to ask for the old parts. Having an old part in your hand proves that an auto mechanic actually removed something broke or worn, and replaced it with something new.

5. Inquire about Discounts

Ask for discounts on the cost of repair or service if possible. You never can tell if you’ve caught your mechanic on a “good” day.

Times are changing. It used to be standard to see all male mechanics on the job. Today’s world is wide open to anyone willing to step up to the plate. If you’re a lady that doesn’t mind getting under the hood, why not request our WyoTech DVD and inquire about the automotive career training options available in the Automotive Technology Program.

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