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What You Never Knew about Your Oil Filter

There are a lot of tricks to preserve your car to a ripe old age, but I’ll bet you didn’t know that the long life span of Hondas, and their oil filters, have a bond that translates to vehicle longevity.

Here’s How an Oil Filter Works!

An oil filter is designed to filter out the particles in the oil, thus preventing them from reaching the major engine components. The filter is made up of a cellulose paper contained in the protecting steel can. The front of the can is typically designed with threaded a threaded center, allowing oil to pass through the filter media.

There’s also a pressure relief valve in the oil filter that allows oil to bypass the filter element if the element is too clogged with dirty oil. This little component will save your engine from being oil-starved. The oil will also bypass the oil filter element if it is too thick, such as in engine startup.

What You Probably Didn’t know!

Honda filters allow are designed with a check valve inside that prevents all the oil from draining back into the engine pan when it is not running. This can only mean that engines will start under higher-pressure conditions.

The truth is that your engine starts, virtually, without any oil. And, the time it takes for oil to reach the engine after starting the vehicle-can wear and tear down your engine over time. So you see; your oil filer is hard at work without so much as a complaint.

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