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Tips for Buying Motorcycle Tires

When you’re out looking at the motorcycle tires to buy, two things should come to mind: safely and peak performance.

The tires you choose should be match your motorcycle, and your considerations should be for tread, style, shape, and manufacturer. Unlike cars, the tires in the front of a motorcycle are different from those in the rear.

Each tire has a differently designed function. As an example, power and acceleration are provided mainly by the rear tires, and each manufacturer will have their own unique requirements. The back tires carry the bulk of a motorcycle’s weight, and the design and specification requirements are just as varied as those of the front tire.

There are four main categories of motorcycle tires: Racing tires, sport motorcycle tires, cruiser motorcycle tires, and touring motorcycle tires.

Best-bet Tips:

1. Match your tires

Match the tire to your bike, and consider style, tread, and size to name a few. With so many good brands on the market to choose from, it often boils down to being a personal choice.

2. What are Your Riding Goals?

Make sure the back tire is different from the front tire. Each motorcycle tire is designed with a special location in mind. Remember, each tire has a different goal to accomplish, and this should all be in line with your riding goals.

3. Shop T’il you Drop

Shop around for the best prices, and be prepared to haggle if necessary. Business will compete for your hard-earned dollars. If you don’t get the price you want, there’s always another place of business right down the street.

4. Trust the Name Brands

Stick with the name brands you can trust. There are a lot of popular brands on the market, and they have unique benefits engineering designs. However, it’s the “tried and proven” things in life that usually prove themselves to be the best choices.

5. Seek Advice

Get advice from those that buy all the time. If you know some that likes to ride, seek them out to find out where they shop and the kind of motorcycle tires they buy. Read as many relative publications you can get your hands on.

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