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How to “Close the Lid” on a Haunted Toilet

When the toilet is acting up, and there’s no other explanation other than it’s haunted, closing the lid on the problem and repairing it can be a simple fix once you know the ropes.

Of course, there are only going to be a few things that can possibly be wrong in the first place. And, the next time you find yourself walking down the aisle in the hardware store pulling your hair out by the roots, you’ll be able to gather your wits about you and calmly buy the parts that you need.


1. The Floor Wax Seal

The wax seal is a common source of toilet leaks. All you need to fix this minor problem is to install a new wax ring and t-bolts if necessary. Turn off the water, flush the toilet, and empty or sponge out as much water from the bowl as possible.

2. The Tank-Bowl connection

The connection from the toilet tank to the bowl can also be a source of irritation. Once you find out the cause, a new spud washer and tank bolts might be the solution you need. You should also check to make sure the toilet bowl isn’t cracked.

3. The Supply-tube Hook Up

Having made the decision this is a source of the leak, make sure the water is turned off, unhook the line and replace it with a new one. You shouldn’t have to spend too much out of pocket money.

4. The Toilet-Tank Bowl Connection

This is a common leak, and can easily be fixed with a little know-how. The seal on the inside of the tank is usually the culprit. Remove the seal and replace it with a new one. If the flapper on the inside of the toilet bowl is failing, remove the flapper and install a new one. Turn the water on and flush the toilet to see if the replacement is working.

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