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How a 422 Pound Harley Rider Kept His Chopper Running Coast-to-Coast

Harley riders come in all shapes and sizes, and to see a 422 pound Harley rider cruising coast to coast across the country is about as American as “apple pie”.

Somewhere out there in the Harley Universe, there’s a burly biker that just might look a little strange on any bike other than a Harley. Let’s face it! 422 pounds is a lot of weight to carry cross country, no matter what type of bike you’re riding.

However, if a biker is smart, he or she will keep their bike in top running condition regardless of the pounds they might be packing.

Well, it turns out that our Harley Rider was very diligent about proper bike maintenance. Here’s the maintenance list.


1. Create a maintenance schedule

No matter what you’re riding schedule, you should have a maintenance schedule that includes checking your tires on a regular basis. Be on the lookout for cuts and scrapes that can cause structure damage. Add air to the tires when needed. Remember, a blowout when riding can be lethal.

2. Inspect the Wheels

Check the rims for dents or cracks, and lift the wheels off the ground from time to time to check if the wheel rotation is “true”. A wobbly wheel can damage a bike damages being immediately apparent.

3. Lubricate the Parts

Lubricate the chain, and use whatever the manufacturer suggests. Check the sprockets for worn teeth., and adjust the tension on the drive train as necessary.

4. Check Lights and Accessories

Make sure the lights and accessories are in good working order before you embark on each trip. It’s best to use the kind of lighting that won’t blind on-coming traffic.

Make sure the kick stand is sturdy as the day you bought the motorcycle. A motorcycle that collapses can fall hard, and literally crush anything beneath it. Safe riding is job-one!

You can always take it up a notch or two and inquire about the motorcycle repair career training options available that will allow you to work on motorcycle for a living. Request our WyoTech DVD today!

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