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How to Rebuild an Engine in 11 Days

The first place to start, no matter what the level of expertise, is to secure a repair manual. The second thing to do is read it! You’ll have to do some research to determine if the engine can be successfully rebuilt without using complex computing mechanisms.

An older model car has to be in reasonable enough condition for a successful rebuild. The once-over from your mechanic should reveal if your car is up for the make-over. Clear your schedule for the next two weeks. Adapt the mindset that you won’t quit until the job is finished. Otherwise, you’ll have your engine sitting on the blocks and hoisted until the next millennium.

Having the right tools is essential, and will make your engine rebuild task a lot easier. You’ll need an engine crane, wrenches, and impact wrench, safety gear, and welding equipment. If you have a digital camera, it will come in handy when you disassemble the engine.


1. Have a Sober Attitude

Get serious with the task. Taking an engine apart is one thing; putting it back together is quite another. The engine should be photographed from every angle possible, and time should be taken to study every part and how or where it fits in the engine. Bag all parts and label them accordingly.

2. Find the Parts You Need

Any parts needed, can be secured from a machine shop, the original manufacturer, or an auto parts store. This is going to take some time, and may involve going back and forth for several days. Keep the spirits high! This is the turning point that causes a lot of rebuilds to end up in the driveway or backyard.

3. Get Psyched for the Rebuild

Now it’s time to rebuild and reassemble. If you’ve taken the time to bag and take picture, everything should fit back together relatively smoothly. The keyword is “relatively”!

Don’t be too hard on yourself when you’ve put it all back together, and several bolts or screws still haven’t found a permanent place of residence. These are the times you have to reach deep down inside of yourself to find the resolve to go back in and get the job done.


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