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How to Diagnose an Engine Problem in Less Than 10 Minutes

You don’t have to be an expert to diagnose and engine problem, however, there are some key things you can do to nail down those pesky engine problems that leave many people with a look of wonder and scratching their heads

Here’s a checklist that can get you out of those tight spots:

1. Find the likely cause

The first and most obvious thing to do, is nail down the most likely cause of a particular problem. If it sounds like the car is conking out, your fuel system might need some attention. Look at both your electrical system and the cooling system.

2. Narrow the problem down

The next step, when you’ve narrowed down a problem to a system, is to look at the weakest link in that system. As an example, the fuel pump would be considered the weakest link in the fuel system.

3. Check parts one-by-one

Check each part, one by one, in the system until you’re certain the problem is found. This is a process of elimination, and one of the quickest and most sure ways to zero in on the cause.

The last step is to fix the problem. The steps work well of course, if you have a skill set in place when trouble occurs. On the other hand, you may be like millions of people that drive their cars hoping a breakdown will occur in the garage or driveway, and not on the road.

These might seem like simple steps, but with the right automotive repair training, these steps can be like finding diamonds in an open field.

If you have a knack for working on cars, but you’re still coming up short on the repair end of things, why not see if you have what it takes to become a certified auto mechanic! Request a WyoTech DVD today.

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