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The Seven Deadly Sins of Backyard Mechanics

Back in the day, much of the work done on autos was performed in the backyard under a shady tree. The only audience the mechanic had a droopy-eared dog watching lazily from the backyard porch. Time was in a “bottle”, and it where it went, no one knows.

Of course, cars were a lot easier to work on. Spark plugs, wires, fuel filters, spark plugs, and distributors were out in the open and easy to reach. As cars became more sophisticated, the available working space became less and less. Today, changing the spark plugs or oil often requires your car to be on a lift.


You can almost bet that everything under the hood of today’s vehicles is computer related, and covered by wire harnesses and plug-in connectors. A mechanic used to be able to make adjustments for a smoother idle; and changing the oil was a cinch.


1. Stabbing wires with a test light
2. Misdiagnosing a problem
3. Jacking the car up unsafely
4. Leaving the engine and systems exposed to the elements
5. Intermittent repairs
6. Working with limited knowledge
7. Getting by with a little help from a friend

While the backyard mechanic may not quiet be a dying breed, he or she is certainly becoming a changing breed.

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