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5 Skills Every Auto Mechanic Should Have

The skills of an auto mechanic will vary greatly. Some mechanics develop the skills to work on all parts of a vehicle, while others choose to specialize in a particular field.

1. Diagnostic Abilities

Imagine what it would be like if you took your car to the mechanic, and he or she suddenly turned and said to you, “After looking under the hood, I’m not sure what the problem could be. Could you give me a hand?” A good mechanic is able to diagnose the problem.

2. An Array of Integrated Skills

A competent car mechanic should also have mastery over a wide variety of integrated skills, such as the electrical system, fuel system, and the air conditioning system. Computer skills are also needed in the day-to-day operations, and are as much a part of the tool box as wrenches. As knowledge is gained, it becomes easier to move into higher paying positions.

3. The Ability to Stay Prepared

The days of the uneducated grease monkey are over. Computers are integrated with autos, and the skill set means being able to adapt to new technology. Preparation is the key, and more so than ever before. This means placing oneself into some type of technical school program.

4. The Ability to Teach Others

As time goes on, many older instructors don’t possess the computer skills necessary to teach the aspiring auto mechanics of today. With additional skills, it’s easy to gain employment. And, if you’ve acquired the proper training and skill set, doors will open wide for you. Being able to communicate in any field is a key to success.

5. Career Longevity

The ability to endure the profession is a key ingredient that most auto mechanics possess. It’s a given that most mechanics have entertained a lifetime fascination with cars. Thus, it’s rare to jump from one career field to the next once you’re a mechanic.

Around the fifth year, many auto mechanics have been exposed to a variety of problems, and have gained enough experience to become specialists. Continual training is ongoing. Ten years out, the most experienced and ambitious automotive mechanics may open their own shops, and those working at dealerships may have risen to supervisory positions.

The field of Automotive Technology is expected to keep pace with the demands of the economy. If you’re wondering what it’s like to make a living keeping the vehicles on the road safe and running, request our WyoTech DVD to examine the career training options available.

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