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What HVAC Tools are You Packing in your Lunch Box?

There can be some tough days on the job, and when you reach for HVAC tools you don’t have, it can make life even worse.

Here are 7 HVAC Tools the Experts Advise Never to Leave Home Without:

1. Keep a Level Head

You’ll definitely want a level in your tool box. Any HVAC units you’re working on need to be leveled perfectly. All it takes is for a unit to be slightly off, and you can hear bumping and thumping noises. This can wear out an HVAC system fast.

2. Bring the Beam

Who would think of leaving home without a flashlight? Believe it or not, it happens quite often. Take the flashlight for the jobs where lighting is a necessity in tight dark spaces. Your trusted set of HVAC tools is incomplete without it.

3. Stack the Books

Carry the books and manuals that apply to the HVAC units you’re working on. Updating your knowledge is a great way to build up your library in a hurry too.

4. Carry a Peace Pipe

Pipe cutters on the job can help you keep your sanity. There will be countless times when a pipe is just a few centimeters too big for a fit. A pipe cutter can save the day.

5. Keep the Tape Measure Handy

If you’ve left home without your measuring tape, well, find one in a hurry or make a u-turn. If there’s any tool that will rank as most important on your list of HVAC tools, the measuring tape will fit the bill hands-down.

6. The Gas Detector

Always have a gas detector handy. A gas leak can be a deadly thing in no time at all. This is a great tool to have around the home or office as well. This is one of your HVAC tools that can be beneficial beyond the work place.

7. Pack the Essentials

General tool kits that have all the essentials are worth their weight in gold. Some of your HVAC tools should include wire cutters, pliers, electricians tape, duct tape, screwdrivers, channel locks, and a pair of pipe wrenches to name a few.

Not having the right tools for a job can be one thing. Not having a true sense of direction can be quite another. Why not request our Wyotech DVD today to find out about the career training possibilities in our HVAC Program.

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