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What Your Tailpipe Smoke is Trying to Tell You

Smoke coming out of your car’s tail pipe is not a good sign. If you’re a fledging mechanic, and you like working on your own car or truck, great! The following are a few possible ideas on why you have a twelve foot-long funnel of smoke trailing your car down the street.

The first thing to do is look for water in the oil. Also check the coloring of the oil, if it’s milky brown, this could be the cause of white smoke coming out the tail pipe. Any excessive smoke, no matter what the color, could be a sign your car or truck needs attention.

A blown head gasket could also be the culprit, and will show up on your engine temperature gauge as a “high” reading. A head gasket bluish in color can also indicate your oil is burning. It could be time to change the engine oil and replace the old oil filter.

Your valve seats could also be in need of replacing. It might be best to get an expert’s opinion in this matter.

If the problem is a matter relating to coolant, a cracked or warped head, a worn head gasket, a faulty intake manifold, or worse, a cracked engine block; a reputable car service with dependable auto technicians might be the best place to have it checked.

The great thing about life is whenever there’s something’s wrong, you can usually find a sign if you look close enough at the problem. If something in life seems a bit out of balance, and you’re wondering how the world looks through the eyes of a certified car mechanic, why not request our WyoTech DVD!

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