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10 Cool Tips for Safe Winter Driving

We should all put safe driving first when driving during any season of the year, and especially during the winter months.

Here are Some Safety Tips to Keep You safe on the Winter Roads:

1. Get your car serviced now

Make sure your car gets a tune-up that will include transmission and muffler repairs. Maintaining its good condition is essential to both your safety and the life of your vehicle. Take your vehicle to a place that has a reputation you can trust.

2. Check your battery

Don’t be caught on the road with a battery that won’t start. Battery maintenance is easy. All it takes is a little cleaning and checking the electrolyte levels. You should keep a little baking soda, waterproof greasing, and the proper battery wrenches on hand for an emergency.

3. Check your cooling system

The cooling system isn’t difficult to maintain. Maintenance will include checking your oil level, radiator hose, radiator, fan, and thermostat. A lack of attention in any of these areas can cause your car to overheat or stall.

4. Fill the washer reservoir

Cold weather can freeze the water in your wipe reservoir, and may cause the container to crack or burst. Make sure you fill the reservoir up with a windshield washer solvent.

5. Check your windshield wipers and defrosters

Make sue the wipers aren’t cracked or frayed. They’re made of rubber, and cold and wet weather can do a ton of damage to them.

6. Inspect your tires

Your life may one day depend on having safe tires. Besides, tires in good condition will give your vehicle a much smoother ride, and allow you to keep a little money in your pockets for holiday spending.

7. Know your Car’s Personality

A car can be like an extension of each one of us. We all need the proper attention and maintenance that will keep us running smoothing along our daily paths. When something is wrong with your car, it will usually give you some type of warning. Listen, and react! Taking care of a potential problem “now” is far better than having to scramble later.

8. Plan your travel and routes

Plan to drive when the roads are safe; keeping your eyes peeled for other motorists and dangerous road conditions that can take you by surprise. Taking a planned route will afford you less time on the road.

9. Stock your vehicle with Contingencies

An emergency can happen at any time. You can be prepared by stocking your vehicle with a few life-saving tools. Make sure you have a flashlight, blankets, and something to snack on. If you have a cell phone, make it’s charged and in a place of easy access.

10. Learn what to do in a winter emergency

Don’t panic! If an emergency pops up, take a moment and re-think your situation. There are always better solutions that can be the end result of a calm mind.

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