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How to Build a Race Car on a Shoestring Budget

In most parts of the country, the official “car” season is over in October. However, for the die-hard, hot rod, gear-head enthusiast, there’s still a lot of season left in the year to pursue his or her passion of building a race car.

Here’s how to put it all together when the funds are low:

Your dream of building a race car is going to include a new engine. There’s no getting around it. You’ll have to check the class rules regarding engine modification. If the letter of the law states that everything must be stock, there are only a few parts that can be replaced if you choose to run a carburetor. Do your homework!

Oversized rebuilds are OK, and light weight version, flat-top replacement style pistons are allowed as well. Back date engine components are even permitted, as long as they are within the original engine family specs. You’ll have to check the rule book for your own vehicle make and model.

On the other hand, you might be the type of guy or gal that is just out for the fun of it, and building a race car is just an extension of the routine car repairs you love dabbling in to begin with. Hanging out at the race track or builder’s garages, and reading car magazines has given you the “customizing” itch.

With a lot of practice and unyielding tenacity, you can find a lot of parts via the junkyard while not having to go too deep into your pockets. Setting your priorities straight from the start will give go a long way in helping you build the race car of your dream.

You’ll have to decide if performance and endurance are what you’re after. In this scenario, you’re looking for your car to be an automotive athlete. The other option is to think of your race car as being a sparkling show car-in which case you might end up spending more than you bargained for.

Since money is going to be the main factor in building a race car, you’ll naturally gravitate towards improving the following areas: Making only modest changes, focusing on overall car weight reduction, maximum handling improvements, and maximum aerodynamic improvements, safety, and endurance.

No matter what the skill level, building a race car can be personally rewarding. Have you thought about the automotive career training that can bring your dreams a little closer to becoming a reality?

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