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5 Ways to Negotiate with a Pushy, Obnoxious Car Salesman

Whether you’re shopping for a new car, a used car, or just shopping for a great deal, it’s good knowing your negotiating skills are up to par to eliminate buyer’s remorse down the road.

Shopping for a new car can be nerve racking. It’s something that few people like to do. Everyone wants to find a bargain, but few people know how to go about it.

Here’s how to find a great deal:

The first thing to do is research the market. There are a lot great deals and information you can find on the internet. Most popular sites will rank cars by their price, and this allows you to make a comparison with the price you’re willing to buy a vehicle for.

Patience is the key! Taking your time will allow you to uncover some hot deals that rushing can cause you to overlook. Besides, having the knowledge of what’s on the market, will give you a considerable measure of confidence when you walk through the front door.

You can take this valuable information to any dealer of choice. Many times a dealer will have a vehicle that has been sitting on the lot for a considerable amount of time. Your goal is to make a deal, and hopefully a substantial discount at the dealer’s expense.

Another great place to find a bargain is with a private owner. Often they’re tired of the “sell it yourself” process and are looking for someone to make them a clean offer. With your new-found knowledge of the car market, you could be the one to submit the winning deal.

When Dealing with a Pushy Car Salesman:

1. Scope out the fees

Always ask about all possible fees upfront when you’re dealing with any car salesperson. Remember, they’re good at what they do, and if you wait too long you can get caught up in the moment and end up spending more money than you had planned.

2. Shun unnecessary fees

Avoid the doc fees. These will include acquisition fees, dealer fees, or any other creative name for an added fee the dealer may try and charge you. These fees are nothing more than a money-grab from the dealer or car salesperson.

3. Read the Fine Print

Read the paperwork. Some dealers will hide charges in the licensing fees, or bury charges in the payment structure.

4. Nail down the Cost

Ask for an out-the-door price. This might make the dealer quake in his or her boots. It shows you’re up on the lingo, and aware that extra taxes or fees are often added on to the package without most buyers being aware of it.

5. Prepare to Walk

Even it if you aren’t the best wheeler and dealer in the world when
it comes to pushy car sales people , you can still gain the training skills necessary to become a certified auto technician. Request our WyoTech DVD today.

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