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7 Ways to Keep Your Motorcycle Clean and Mean

motorcycleThere’s nothing worse than a motorcycle that looks like a week-old hotdog with handlebars. You’ve paid good money for your bike, and the condition of your bike always speaks volumes about who you are.

Whether your bike is up for sale, or you just gave it another mud bath, the following is a list of some things you can do to keep your motorcycle looking mean, lean, and super clean for years to come.

  • Ideally, you should invest in a pressure washer, a degreaser, and a cleaning agent to loosen the baked-on crud and dirt. Make sure the cleaning agent is made for bikes or cars.
  • WD-40 and wax are a must. If you’re allergic to chemicals, try and wear the proper clothing for body, face, and hands.
  • Bring a strong work ethic to the task at hand. Keep in mind that the dirt you’re dealing with usually goes deeper than the bodywork.
  • Place your bike on its side stand or a padlock stand for best results when cleaning. This will give you easy access to the entire motorcycle and make rotating the wheels and accessing parts of your bike much easier.
  • Make sure the motorcycle is in a safe place for washing. The safety of people in the immediate area should be your top priority.
  • Make sure you thoroughly clean your motorcycle, and focus on the switchgear, throttle linkages, and wheel rims. For the best shine, wipe down with a clean cloth.
  • The most important step in keeping your motorcycle on par is to create maintenance and cleaning schedules. This goes a long way in creating a sense of pride and discipline.

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