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Customize Your Chopper Bike with These 3 Easy Tips

A chopper bike is an expression of the owner’s personality. Many people like to customize their bike and take it to the shows. It’s a great business, and many people buy their rides at shows.

However, the real reason for having a chopper motorcycle is the joy of hitting the open road, the sunsets and the views of both mountain and sea.

Building your chopper bike really falls into just two categories.

Custom Made Choppers

These are the choppers that are hand made with unique parts. They’re great to show and ride, but can become a nightmare when you’re scrounging for spare parts. These are the choppers you see on television. If you have an extra $60,000 to $100,000 to drop on a motorcycle, this is definitely the way to go.

Traditional Way of Building Choppers

This is when you take a standard factory motorcycle and convert it into a custom chopper bike by using a chopper kit and standard custom chopper parts. By using the traditional method, you have the option of using the standard factory parts for servicing and replacement.

A lot has happened in the last fifty years with the way choppers are “chopped”. The old bikes had “attitude”, and the raw sleek look probably wouldn’t pass a government inspection or vehicle safety test today. Today’s chopper bike is highly advanced and can often be very expensive.

1. Use Graphics

It’s easy to customize your chopper bike using graphics, and you can choose flames, lightening bolts, or whatever suits your fancy. Graphics are an easy way to add quick personality to your ride.

2. Get a Custom Paint Job

A custom paint job will be one of the most noticeable things on your decked-out chopper bike. It can easily set your bike apart from the millions on the road. A great paint job can also reflect your personality in ways that custom parts never can.

3. Choose Tires that Stand Out

We don’t think about it, but the tires on a bike are one of its most important assets. You can find some great ideas in magazines, from your mechanic, and official manufacturer sites. Not only will well-chosen tires contribute to your overall safety, but they’ll also make your chopper bike stand out in the crowd.

Bike maintenance is a favorite pastime of thousands of people.

Every now and then you might get the urge to take your knowledge and skills to the next level. Imagine what you could do to your chopper bike with the rightmotorcycle repair training in place.

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